Framing Services for Artists

In the days of the masters, the frame was as much a part of the finished piece as the work of art. It is the finishing touch, it should complete and elevate the work. Framing is a work of art in itself and just as a good frame choice can greatly enhance the work, just as a poor one can drastically diminish a work. In addition, framing provides structure and protection for the work.


When Presentation is Everything


At the ArtistAngle Gallery, helping artists present and market their work has been a passion.  Our one on one consultations allows artists the opportunity to meet with our staff and explore presentation options for their artwork. Whether exhibiting a single piece or doing an entire presentation, in most cases, we offer many affordable framing choices including standard size framing kits with custom matting options to custom framing options. Discounted pricing is also available for larger jobs.  Fast turnaround and local delivery options available


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