Classical Skill Based Art

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The Da Vinci Initiative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit education foundation that supports skill-based learning in K-12 art classrooms. The Da Vinci Initiative believes that the most creative children are those with the most tools at their disposal for making artwork, and provides atelier training and resources to art teachers to help them incorporate skill-based methods into their classroom practices.

The Da Vinci Initiative works with teachers nationally and internationally through online classes, art education conferences, keynote speaker services, weekend retreats, district-wide workshops, and more.

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Aristides Atelier

Aristides Atelier is a teaching website for artist and author Juliette Aristides serving as a resource for those interested in the traditions of figurative art. The physical version of the Aristides Atelier, located in Gage Academy of Art in Seattle WA, began and continues as a sanctuary for those who love beauty and the great traditions of drawing and painting

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